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Hottest Up and Coming Rapper From Bay Area

K  A K  E S

Fiery bar spitter and freestyling genius, Kakes is back in the game this time with the single Cherry. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Kakes has been biding her time, perfecting her flows, and gearing up for a label deal over the years. Making all the moves a battered, independent, woman could to overcome the male favoritism in the rap industry, Kakes has traveled coast to coast hunting for opportunities and diving head first to get secure any chance at cementing her legacy. After attending Rico Love’s We Love Music seminar in Baltimore in July 2018, Kakes met up with producer Robert “Cortex” Sparks, where he introduced the opportunity of traveling to New York City to pursue her career; a decision Kakes would follow through.

Born in Bakersfield, California, on Christmas Eve, Kakes has been a student of the game since she was 3 years old. Watching her half-brother freestyle from an early age, and engaging with him as a way to bond, the rapper has been steadily working on her art for over two decades, taking it seriously at around the age of 8. Being a woman is a starter kit for a life of issues, and Kakes is no stranger to the fact. Acceptance from groups of boys in school rapping or freestyling would always be difficult, often having to be the best to be included – which is exactly what Kakes did.

A natural born soldier, Kakes has always had the unwavering support of her mother, who would instill in Kakes to never take anything she was told personal when freestyling, keep her cool, and always come back with something harder than her opponent. After an unjust arrest from the authorities at the start of 2011, Kakes was released and tried to restructure her life, but not before receiving news a month later that her grandmother had passed away. She joined up with a rap group in 2013, but the adventure was short lived 2 years later, and to top it all off, one of the writers of the group passed away.

Horrifically, a month later, her little brother passed away as well, putting a chokehold on Kakes’ musical career until 2015. At that time, Kakes decided to revamp her solo artistry, chasing every opportunity available to her, including planning and traveling to Rico Love’s “We Love Music” Seminar in Baltimore, MD; there Kakes would meet Robert “Cortex” Sparks, an industry producer based in New York City. Sparks invited Kakes to come back with him to New York and ever since, the two have been working together to streamline the Bay Area rapper’s career.


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