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Central Florida Label, Absolute ENT, Hits the Ground Running with New Artist

Y S N   J U V Y

Central Florida rapper YSN (Young Street Nigga) Juvy comes in hot on World Star Hip Hop with her track Back & Better featuring JGreen. The video has amassed over 266,000 views on WSHH’s YouTube channel in only 3 months! Juvy has been putting in the work musically and visually, racking up a total of over 360,000 total views in her 8 months of posting on YouTube, as well as a steady average of 5000 plays per song on each of her 20 tracks on SoundCloud. Currently signed to Absolute Entertainment, YSN Juvy is starting 2019 with a vengeance.

Born Airel Culver in Ft Pierce, FL, YSN Juvy comes from a city with the highest crime rate in Florida, second only to Homestead. Raised by a single mother, while her father was never around, Juvy witnessed the struggle firsthand throughout her childhood and took to a life on the streets. Due to the nature of the streetlife, Juvy got roped up numerous times, ending up in juvenile detention. This discord with the law kept Juvy out of school growing up, so she took to rapping at the age of 8.

Although she learned how to sing at the age of 12, Juvy didn’t take music too seriously until after writing and releasing a diss track titled “Fuck It” about a friend who had taken advantage of her trust. The song picked up traction, and got Juvy to continue making music, while still living on the streets and working. Juvy ended up getting a job at local jail doing food service, where she would meet future manager and owner of Absolute Ent, Sean, through his brother Tom.

“I was rapping for him one day, then he linked me with Sean immediately. I’ll never forget he told me “All you gotta do is stay out of trouble, rap, and I got you” and we’ve been rocking ever since.” – YSN Juvy

YSN Juvy is determined to have a phenomenal year now that she is linked up with Absolute Ent and looks forward to returning to Ft Pierce to create opportunities, like the one she got, for the youth that struggled so badly growing up.


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